Rachel’s Home Recovery – photos by Anthony Booth Gardiner

My husband – Anthony is a Photographer, he has stated a project of documenting my continued recovery now I am home from Hospital.

29th April 2021

Discharge after 13 months.

30th May 2021

Sunday morning routine sorting medication, and sickness.

1st June 2021 

Enjoying the sun in the garden and trying, write a blog post.

2nd June 2021

Afternoon in the garden seeing a friend and having blood taken. Fallowed by massage and exercise.

3rd June 2021

Washing hair with shower cap in bed. I have no access to the bathroom.

8th June 2021

Anthony having to sleep alone due to Rachel being readmitted to Hospital.

20th June 2021

Exercising in bed and nap.

21st June 2021

Washing, cleansing and moisturising face.

23rd June 2021

Community physio session at home.

27th June 2021

Baby sitting and a little exercise helper.

30th June 2021

Getting ready to go out for mums birthday.

#BoothGardinerHoliday and #HomeStaycationInAVan

2nd – 11th July 2021 - We had a family holiday booked but decided to postpone, however kept the wheelchair accessible van so we could do some family day trips. (Good job I have a strong bladder).

3th July 2021

Lateral Flow Test – Negative

 4th July 2021

Wynyard Hall Gardens.

5th July 2021

Family outing at Hollywood Bowl and getting back in the van.

6th July 2021

Neuro Physio session – using a standing hoist for the first time, although I could not get my right heal to touch the floor.

July 7th 2021

Beach Hut at Saltburn by the Sea

8th July 2021

Thorp Perrow Bedale, which unfortunately, despite the website saying it was accessible, most of the paths where gravel, it was very hard to move the wheelchair on, I found the bumpy ride coursed a lot of back pain. (The picture below of me looking at the camera, shows me laying my head on a table to try and stretch the back, and relief some pain)

11th July 2021

Last day with the van visiting Family in Hudleswell Richmond

The #HomeStayCationInAvan is over back to the reality and rehabilitation

15th July 2021

At home dealing with the insurance company mid hoist. Later a visit from Middlesbroughs Mayor to discuss improving accessibility in Middlesbrough.

17th July 2021

My Birthday, we had a bbq in the garden. A few weeks ago my niece, whilst wearing a Disney Bell dress asked which princess I was, we discussed not knowing any princess’ in pop culture that were wheelchair users. Lyra responded ‘we’ll make one up’. I reached out to good friend and local artist who designed the picture I’m holding below. this princess don’t really like the title and prefers to just be called Ally, with her Trusty personal assistant Ballon the dinosaur, there are many adventures, ahead. Watch this space.

4th August 2021

Its ok to not be ok, as they say, the last few weeks have been hard, everything feels to much, my recovery feels like it’s stuck. As a way of getting out of this rut, we contacted The Glamours Owl Newcastle. Where we had planned to make our wedding rings last year, they come fit us in after a hospital appointment at the freeman. Claire the own when out of her way to make it special for us. focusing on the future helps my mood.

5th August 2021

My second hydro session, being in the water is life changing.

15th August 2021

The Shambles York

18th August 2021

After another hospital visit, this time a pre assessment for gallbladder removal operation. only four attempts to get blood out of me.

22nd August 2021

Trip to Preston Hall the first time using the electric wheelchair after a incident using it in hospital. Scary but felt great.

22nd September 2021

Creative time with Lyra,

29th September 2021

I have been working with both a Community Physio and seeing a Neuro Physio privately, I can now stand with assistants of two, and remain standing for a short period of time, but putting weight through my right leg is very challenging. Sometimes the effort is to much today, I had a controlled drop to the floor as my legs gave way, and needed to be hoisted up from the floor, these things will happen. I’m not going to let it put me off, but I think its important to show the reality of rehab. It’s not all win win there are always set backs.