At times I feel I don’t have the time to get creative, but Art and Photography in-particularly are my favourite occupations to engage in. Here are just a few examples of my work

The Right Foot

This Piece of work was exhibited at the TEWV ARTs 1 in 4 Journeys exhibition in Middlesbrough Oct 2013. It is a reflection of my journey coming to terms with how my disability makes me feel.

Foot Days

I have explored this more over time, these pieces show how my foot determine my what sort of day I’m having.


This was a project looking at what goes on in every day life.


I love attending workshops. This is an image of a kite I made. There is something freeing about i.

I was admitted to Hospital April 2020 and spend over a year in Hospital recovering from Covid and Pancreatitis. During this time I did a lot of mindfulness colouring in. Here is a small selection.

Recently I have been re exploring Photography with a Polaroid Camera, I love the Instance of them, and experimenting with the different films and exposures.

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