Ms Rachel Booth-Gardiner Curriculum Vitae

RCOT No: BT023748

HCPC:  OT48212



BSc Hons Occupational Therapist Teesside University  2:1 2006

GNVQ Health and Social Care 2002
A-level in Art grade C 2000
AS in textiles grade c 1999
9 GCSE grade A-C. (Including Maths and English) 1998
Within work, I have undertaken two management and leadership courses.

Volunteer Roles 

BAOT/RCOT Northern and Yorkshire Regional Committee: Chair October 2021- Chair: 2013 – 2016 Membership Lead 2008-2011 Supervision Guidance External reference group February 2022

TEVW NHS Trust Staff Governor between July 2017 – Dec 2019. Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust: This involved sitting on the board of Governors and with other elected governors hold the non-executive and executive board to account.

OTalk I joined the OTalk team in January 2006. We are a group of OT volunteers who organise and facilitate a weekly CPD session on twitter.

AbleOTUK I’m a founding member of AbleOTUK. Which launched 27th July 2021. Its aim is to provide a voice and safe space for Occupational Therapy Practitioners, who have lived experience of disability or long term health conditions. 

Presentations Examples 

Some of these presentations can be accessed on slide-share. 

25th November 2021 The OT Show What recovering from Covid19 taught me. – The challenge I now have for the profession.

1st March 2021 London South Bank University -OT Society Conference. Resilience, Adaptation, and the New Normal – Experiencing Post Covid Rehab from practitioner to patient.

2019 OT Show Lets OTalk about it – A practical guide to using social media for professional development and online communities of practice.

2018 Royal College of Occupational Therapist annual conference Occupation Station 21st Century Meaningful Activity – Using Social Media to Engage.

2015 Leeds Becket student conference MSc OT and MSc PT conference, and at Northumbria University student conference. Lead the way – using social media to enhance your CPD

2014 OT show Acute Psychiatry – Bread and Butter OT.

2013  COT Mental Health Specialist Section Conference. Poster Presentation “Implementing computer and internet access for service users whilst in hospital: The journey.

2012 COT Conference (Mental Health Specialist section) Developing an Occupational Therapy Service in a PICU – A reflection

Training in & Experiences of using assessment tools and outcome measures to aid my practice.

Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) The Model of Human Occupation Screening Tool (MOHOST)

Occupational Self Assessment (OSA) The Vona du Toit

Model of Creative Ability (VdTMoCA)

Cognitive Disabilities Model and Assessments The (Large) Allen Cognitive Level Screen tool (ACLS) (LACLS)

The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM)

Goal Attainment Scale (Gas Lite)

Leadership & Management with a purpose (LAMP) Leadership and Coaching training with TEWV. 

Publications and

Celebrating Disability Pride Month, by reflecting on the achievements of AbleOTUK one year on. OTnews  July 2022 Page 40-42

Challenging inequalities
Occupational Therapy week
2021 feature. OTnews
Volume 28 October 2021
Page 16

A Place to talk all things
occupational therapy.

OTnews Volume 27 October
2019 Page 50-51

TEWV making a difference
– Tackling Stigma and
Promoting Social Inclusion
for TEWV Arts project. –

The art of Purposefulness.
OTnews Volume 19 October
2011 page 30.

In the Family – A generation
of difference in
Occupational Therapy
learning and practice
Booth and Rachel Booth
Mental Health Occupational
Therapy volume 15 issue 2
July 2010


Lead Occupational Therapist with 15 years experience working within Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Foundation NHS trusts in the North-East of England. Experience sitting on Royal College Occupational Therapy (RCOT) regional committees. Volunteer roles within the wider Occupational Therapy online community as a member of the OTalk and AbleOTUK teams.

Professional interests include services

  • The Leadership & supervision meeting the needs of individuals.
  • Supporting students & staff to think creatively, Initiative ways of engaging in CPD, including the use of social media.
  • Activism as an occupation, campaigning for services to be needs led.
  • Understanding the impact of occupational deprivation, alienation, & isolation on motivation, mood and the recovery process.
  • Creative & 21st centuries occupations being explored. The challenge of delivering occupational therapy in restricted environments.
  • The impact of a woman’s menstrual cycle on functioning.
  • The lived experience of occupational therapists with disabilities.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy (right hemiplegia) so have personal understanding & experience of disability. I have experienced much therapy over my life time mainly occupational therapy and physiotherapy. I am dyslexic & have had periods of depression as an adult. In 2020 I contracted Covid 19 currently I require the use of a wheelchair outside for long distances. I can manage a short indoor distance with walking aids and some steps with handrails. 


Currently still employed by TEVW, but due to not being able to physically get in to work & focusing on recovery from Covid 19, I am not in work, but continue to engage broadly in occupational therapy. 

Lead Occupational Therapist band 7 TEVW NHS Trust (Secondment from January 2020 ) Leadership and line management of Occupational Therapy Staff in TEWV NHS Foundation Trust secure (forensic) services. Main task to lead on embedding a new model of OT amalgamating two services together. This included working along side HR, and services leads to manage strategic organisational change. For six months before this I was acting clinical lead of learning disabilities forensic occupational therapy services with an active approach to leading strategic change together with my substantial post — see below. Being proactive throughout this broad process to ensure quality during the development was mainly achieved by coaching and mentoring of staff.

Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist Adult Mental Health in-patient, Community and inpatient rehabilitation services across Teesside. Band 7 TEVW NHS Trust – Jan 2016 – Dec 2019 Leadership and line management role of OT staff working in in-patients and rehabilitation services, across Teesside. Quality assurance in this setting was achieved by providing supervision, planning and running monthly Learning and Governance networks, promoting staff CPD and representing OT and collaboration within service level and strategic meetings. I carried a small caseload delivering OT assessments and treatment to service users on the PICU.

Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist Adult Mental Health in-patients TEVW NHS Trust band 7 Jan 2011 – Dec 2016 As above but only within Adult Mental Health inpatients in one hospital.


Assessment, Interventions, Outcome Measure. Years of experience in carrying out assessment and delivery of occupational interventions, in both open and closed group work situations, along with individual 1:1 sessions based on engagement in activities/tasks, goal oriented both therapist lead and co produced. See Training & experiences (right) for models, assessment tools and outcomes knowledge. Most of my clinical work has been working within service users in restrictive mental health services. I have a calm actively listen approach, when working with those in distress or highly volatile situations, and can read people and deescalate situations well. Within my leadership roles, this skill has turned too managing concerns within staff groups.

Supervision / Mentoring / Learning/ Quality Assurance and governance development. Thought-out my career I have supervised, students, assistants, graduates and experienced Occupational Therapists. Supervision is a required and important part of development, it’s important that supervision sessions meet the needs of the person wanting to develop within the sessions and being a safe place to air ideas, thoughts, and concerns. Often organisations have standardised forms to complete, that can restrict creatively with supervision. I believe that supervision needs to be carried out to meet the needs of the individual with some structure that is agreed upon like time allocation, this needs to include prep time, discussion time and time to complete actions. A range of ways of delivering supervision encourages freshness and good engagement. Supervision forms part of both governance and quality assurance ensuring the processes are in place for staff to deliver high quality care. As a mentor I focus on the future needs of the mentored person this has been a voluntary agreement with a range of Occupational Therapists mostly out with the organisation.

Leadership and Coaching

Undertaken a number of leadership, development and coaching training courses/opportunities provided by my employer. This has really helped me develop confidence by understanding my own styles and how that may have impacted on those I am leading. Within leadership it is important to understand what motivates individuals, what strengths and limitations team members have, to get the best out of a team, skills of diplomacy, negotiation, openness ensure any issues within team dynamics are addressed, when it comes to implementing change its important that team members feel included in the process, but also that there are clear expectations and goals so that tasks are achieved and input is valued.

Continue professional development (CPD)

Throughout my career engaging in and creating CDP opportunities for others has been an important for enjoyable part go my role. I love learning, and asking questions to understand what motivates people. CPD is a standard we must meet as a requirement of the HCPC. My voluntary roles are focused on providing CPD opportunities, this including running OTalk, a weekly chat about Occupational therapy. On RCOT regional committees, I have helped plan, develop and facilitate CDP events. Within my work place I actively encourage others to think about and record their CPD, this includes presenting on HCPC standards and ways to document continuing professional development easily and with the standards of HCPC and RCOT. CPD is required by employers generally assessed through annual appraisals.

Positive risk taking, least restrictive practise, and Activity Analysis.

I have experiences of challenging blanket restrictions, that become a barrier to interventions. There is risk in all areas of the work within Occupational Therapy, I have extensive experience in carrying out regular risk assessment, on both the environments and interventions, this is done as part of Activity Analysis. Blanket restrictions are common place in mental health services, however good practise understands that each environment, intervention and person engaging in the treatment/intervention will have a unique strengths and risks. Challenging blanket restrictions is part of ensuring a quality service to the service user. 

Recruitment and shortlisting

I have extensive experience in shortlisting, interviewing and recruitment of occupational therapy staff within the organisation. I have also sat on panels to recruit consultant psychiatrists and helped to interview students on to the occupational therapy course at Teesside University.

IT and Social media skills

I’m skilled in using both Mac and PC, able to interchange between both without issue. Able to confidently use most software and programs. Including: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Microsoft Office has only recently been introduced in my Trust but I am confident in quickly learning new software. I am cconfident in using electronic staff management software and patient record systems such as Paris In my voluntary role’s with OTalk and AbleOTUK that are based online, mainly on social media platforms. I have gained skills in building websites, making creative videos, posts, to promote & market events and topics, this includes skills in scheduling posts to hit target audiences at key times. We use Google docs to share work loads. Have presented and have good knowledge of how to remain professional whist online. I’m confident in all aspects of using, Skype, Zoom and MS Teams and finding resources and apps to help with thoughts and ideas.

Event planning and organisation

Having a disability lends itself to being super organised, having to plan every aspect of my day when I leave the house. Planning events, is really enjoyable for me. Within roles for the RCOT regional committee I have been involved in planning and running a number of learning days and conferences. In the NHS trust I work for, I have lead on planning ‘in house’ conferences for OT’s & the wider AHP staff group. I planned and facilitated three Trust wide Art exhibitions of services users and staffs art work. One was held at Ripon Cathedral. In 2018 along with my manger I planned a national conference focused on Personality Disorder & Occupational Therapy.