Launched 27th July 2021

Is a core group of volunteer Occupational Therapists and a patient advocate who run and maintain @AbleOTUK twitter account, website, Youtube, and discord server.  We aim to run some online events, provide useful resources, create supportive networks and work with other stakeholders. In order to provide a voice and safe space for Occupational Therapy Practitioners, Students, Researchers, Educators, and those in receipt of, or carers to those in receipt of  Occupational Therapy, who have lived experience of disability or long term health conditions.  

In July is #DisabilityPrideMonth one of our members @GeorgiaVineOT asked the OT community with disabilities and/or health problems, to tweet something they would like the rest of the community to think about. These “Dear OT Community” tweets have been made it to a video.

I’m a founding member of AbleOTUK

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