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UK Disability History Month – A month in which the struggles of disabled people are remembered and victories celebrated

This Blog has also been posted on the RCOT blog site and AbleOTUK website It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable with my identity, but I would describe myself as an occupational therapist who is neurodivergent, born with Cerebral Palsy (right hemiplegia). I am also dyslexic, have experienced episodes of depression, and […]

Occupational Therapy Week 2022 – A Reflection #OTWeek #OTweek2022 #OTHacks – Was the theme right?

Acknowledgment – This blog post is a personal opinion piece of experiences, thoughts and ideas about my own lived experience. I acknowledge these will not be shared by all and respect others rights to have, different even conflicting ideas. .  This website has an accessible feature, that allows different accessible formats by simply clicking on a button labelled […]

#AHPsDay 14th Oct 2022 – A video to say thank you

 Friday 14th October 2022 was Allied Health Professional day.  I made a little video and post parts of it on my social media accounts. It’s about my lived experiences of collective treatment from AHP staff during a long hospital admission.   Having received some lovely feedback and some people asking if they can use it […]

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